Fanmixes are pretty much as they sound - mixes of songs for something specific. In this case, songs that I think relate to Kairi in some way in a handy listening format, courtesy of 8tracks. It's taken a while, but I finally came up with something for her! If you'd like to view some relating lyrics (as well as how I connect the songs to Kai), take a spin over to endtapes! Happy listening!

this wait for destiny won't do

  1. Of Monsters And Men - Yellow Light
  2. Stars - On Peak Hill
  3. Sea Wolf - In Nothing
  4. K.T. Tunstall - Other Side of the World
  5. Delta Goodrem - Right There Waiting
  6. The All American Rejects - Paper Heart
  7. Daughter - Youth
  8. Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light
  9. Of Monsters And Men - From Finner
  10. Keane - On The Road