kingdom hearts 2

Looks like my summer vacation is over.

Taking place immediately after Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II is the second main game title but the third in the overall series (like I said, confusing! All the spinoffs have a role to play and deepen the story to a degree). Like the first, Kingdom Hearts II was released on the Ps2 in 2005 and has since been remastered, being scheduled for a PS3 release in late 2014. KHII returned to the original formatting and introduced new characters, new foes, and many new worlds.

As we begin, its summer in Twilight Town, where Roxas and his friends - Hayner, Pence, and Olette - are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation. During these final days, Roxas gradually observes the entire span of the first game in his dreams, learning more and more about a strange boy named Sora and his travels. Reality steadily begins to unravel for Roxas, and strange things begin to happen to him. Roxas encounters Kairi when thinking it was Naminé, and encounters Axel, who has been looking for him. On the sixth day, Roxas finds he is invisible to everyone, and once prompted, runs to the mansion in the town. Roxas never lived in Twilight Town; he only lived in a virtual world. He is a Nobody, and was only being prepared, as it were, to join again with Sora, whom is sleeping below the mansion, having his memories restored. Roxas disappears.

Sora awakes from his half year long slumber and sets off his continued venture to find Riku, all memories of Castle Oblivion wiped. Mickey leads Sora to his old master, Yen Sid, in the Mysterious Tower. Sora learns of a new threat, being the Nobodies and Organization XIII. The Organization is a constant antagonist to Sora and he ends up fighting and defeating many in their rank, and taking out many Heartless and Nobodies besides. Success with finding Riku, or King Mickey, is slim, and events are quickly propelled forward when Kairi is kidnapped from the reformed Destiny Islands. Kairi flees from Axel, only to be captured by him, and then taken away by Saix to The World That Never Was. Sora pursues the Organization to this world. As he climbs through the castle, he encounters Kairi, and is reunited with Riku. As DiZ gives his life to protect the trio, as well as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, Riku is returned to his original form. Finally, he and Sora face off against Xemnas.

After being trapped again in the realm of darkness, Sora and Riku come to terms with their long rivalry and their friendship is mended. Following this, a letter written by Kairi washes up on the shore. The Door to Light appears, and walking through it, the pair are returned home to her, where she is waiting for them.

Whilst the journey appears to be over, sometime later, Kairi finds a letter written by the King. The final shot of the game is the trio reading the unknown contents...