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Hello traveller, and welcome to Destino, a dedication to Kairi, the female lead of the Kingdom Hearts series. Online since 2006, the site has undergone a rehaul and much of the clutter has been cleaned up; everything has been rewritten and - as of 2014 - is (finally) up to date! Please note Destino is spoiler friendly when it comes to our keywielding heroine, so if you have yet to play a recent Kingdom Hearts title, or any title at all, please tread carefully. Navigation is to your right.

Destino is also home to Embrace Destiny, the dual approved fanlisting for Kairi, so be sure to add your name to her legion of fans before you go!

Lastly, this site is run and maintained by Rems. Feel free to direct any questions or comments to me via email. Updates can be found over at lumas. Enjoy your stay!
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