Destino was opened in its original form on 30th December 2006, under my first name for this shrine, Happy Ever After. Since playing the second game in early September of the same year, the thought of making a dedication to my favourite character in Kingdom Hearts crossed my mind often. Eventually I got the inspiration and the nerve to make something, and a couple of weeks later, this shrine was the result.

I spent about half a year updating and adding content to the site on a regular basis. Following that duration, I slowed down, and even when the site moved to my Kingdom Hearts domain, no new content was added. There were several attempts at redesigning, including the layout and the content, but nothing I made seemed to be good enough. As a result, in early 2012, I placed the shrine on hiatus for its foreseeable future.

Around late 2012, I finally overcame the layout block I had for this shrine, and thus the revamp works began. Of course, it took almost a year for everything to come to fruition. Destino, with its new name, new layout and new content, was officially unveiled on 1st August 2013. Long may the seventh princess reign!