Once upon a time, this shrine was known as Happy Ever After. Part of my decision to place it under hiatus and revamp its content included wanting to give it a new name once I was done. The old name has fallen out of favour with me, somewhat, so I spent a while trying to think of something suitable. Eventually, I came up with Destino.

Destino is Italian for destiny, which suits Kairi for a number of reasons. Firstly is her Keyblade, known as Destiny's Embrace. Second is Destiny Islands, not her birth place, but the place she considers as home; and home is where the heart is, after all! Thirdly is the fan term for her trio, which is Destiny Trio, stemming from their home island. I also like to think of Kairi having a bigger destiny that what has been portrayed thus far. She has the potential to become a powerful Keyblade wielder without being lured over to the darkness due to her status as Princess of Heart. To begin with, she has an important destiny, but there's so much more, too.

"But your domain is called keyofdestiny!", I hear you cry. Yes, that did give me some pause after I had decided upon Destino. Would it work, would it be okay? In the end, I decided that yes, it would be fine. Not only Roxas, but all Keyblade wielders have a sense of destiny about them. Kairi, especially.